Economy of electrostatic separators

Low operating costs with maximum added value

Electrostatic separators run fully automatically and require little or no personnel. In addition, since the systems consume little electrical energy and are virtually maintenance-free, the operating costs per hour or per ton of material separated are vanishingly low.

Based on many thousands of separation tests with original materials from cable recycling, we have established that the average copper loss in the plastic waste is approx. 5%. hamos KWS electrostatic separators recover this copper from the plastic fraction, guaranteeing you maximum added value.

Electrostatic metal separators pay for themselves in a short time

With the current stock market quotation for copper, a hamos KWS electrostatic metal separator in cable recycling usually pays for itself within a few months.

Would you like to know how quickly the investment in an electrostatic separator pays off for you?

We will be happy to send you our calculation basis for calculating the payback period. Of course, we can also determine the residual copper content of your original material by means of a separation test.

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