Complete system for the recovery of high-quality single-variety WEEE plastics

hamos supplies a complete system for the recovery of high-quality, unmixed plastics from difficult-to-separate plastic mixtures: With the hamos KRS recycling plant, clean
ABS, PS and PP fractions with high purities can be produced from electronic scrap or car shredder residues.

Large quantities of mixed plastics are produced during the recycling of electronic scrap (WEEE - Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment) or car shredder residues (ASR). The recyclables they contain, such as ABS, PS and PP, are contaminated by foreign plastics, wood, elastomers and metals to such a high degree that their further processing is not possible without additional treatment.

The hamos KRS recycling system separates unmixed plastics from WEEE or pre-treated ASR fractions. The system operates fully automatically and is designed for three-shift operation. The hamos KRS treatment process is so flexible that a wide variety of plastic mixtures can be separated.

Professionals work with professionals

After 21 years of operation, our experience with the hamos WRS window recycling plant is very positive. The plant is an important part of our process. It helps us to achieve our targets. It guarantees the highest quality required for the PVC and thus increases the overall performance of our process. The hamos plant is indispensable and "closes our recycling loop."

- Bodo Streubel, Operations Manager of Dekura Bad Schmiedeberg

We are very satisfied with the standard hamos GmbH has achieved. Previously, it was not possible to sort PVC from profile sections and production remnants fully automatically to this high standard of quality and purity. This development has helped us to completely close the material loop in window profile production. A new world-class standard was born.

- Jörg Ipfling, Manager Recycling Technology Window Solutions at Rehau

The electrostatic recycling systems of HAMOS make a very important contribution to the recycling process of PVC windows due to their good separation performance.

- ppa. S. Lengnick, Production Management, VEKA Umwelttechnik GmbH

The separation systems supplied by hamos are an essential part of ensuring the highest quality of products supplied by Metal-Plast to the market. By using hamos solutions we have increased the processing capacity of our plant and the products manufactured by Metal-Plast are of the highest quality.

- Grzegorz Jasiński, Chairman of the Board


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