What can you do with the cable plastics?

Concentration of the PVC fraction

Cable plastics - if they do not come directly from production - are a complex mixture of different types of PVC, rubber, PE, cross-linked PE and many other plastics. In addition, some of the old cables that are sent for recycling can be up to 100 years old.

The recovery of, for example, clean and unmixed PVC from such a complex mixture is technically not possible. However, hamos EKS electrostatic plastic separators can increase the PVC content in the regrind to such an extent that many new applications are possible for such mixed cable waste.

The advantage of the hamos EKS is in particular the dry-working process, so that the enriched cable insulation can subsequently be processed without any problems, e.g. for beacon feet, grass pavers or other plastic products. Additional material drying, as for example after wet separation with so-called water tables, is not necessary.

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Information on electrostatic plastic separation with hamos EKS

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