Separation solutions for PVC window recycling

Separation task: PVC windows

When recycling PVC window profiles, foreign plastics, such as sealing rubber, polyamide or soft PVC, lead to inferior quality of the products made from the recycled material.

Impurities contained in the PVC due to metals, wood or glass fiber can also damage the sensitive tools of the processing machines.

PVC window recycling solutions

Electrostatic plastic separation with hamos EKS:
hamos EKS electrostatic plastic separators separate impurities such as rubber and soft PVC from the shredded PVC.

Electrostatic metal separation with hamos KWS:
hamos KWS electrostatic metal separators are used to separate the finest metal particles from the PVC ground material.

Window recycling with the hamos WRS recycling plant:
hamos WRS window recycling plants for the fully automatic recycling of PVC window profiles, profile sections and old windows.

Metal separation with hamos HS electronic all-metal separators:
hamos HS metal separators remove isolated metal impurities from plastic regrind and recyclate fully automatically and reliably.

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