Recycling of plastics from electronic waste

User report in Germany

Since 2007, a hamos KRS recycling plant has been in operation for processing mixed electronic scrap plastics.

In addition, the operations manager of KRS:

"We process several thousand tons of mixed plastic waste from electronic scrap every year. Our plant reliably and cleanly separates valuable materials such as ABS, PS and PP from these complex material mixtures. We produce high-quality, single-variety plastics that are easy to market."

hamos KRS plastics recycling plant produces clean ABS and PS

According to the plant manager, the recycling plant effectively separates unwanted contaminants such as foreign plastics, wood, elastomers and metals. "The flexible treatment process allows us to easily accommodate the different material compositions of our suppliers."

The hamos KRS plastics recycling plant operates fully automatically and in three-shift operation. In the first stage of the treatment process, unwanted foreign materials are separated by dry means. The subsequent wet separation stage separates the plastics according to their specific weight. The ABS-PS and PE-PP concentrates obtained in this process are then mechanically and thermally dried.

In the subsequent dry separation stage, hamos KWS series electrostatic separators remove any remaining metals and other conductive contaminants, such as damp wood, from the plastics. Downstream hamos EKS series plastic-plastic separators then separate the mixed ABS-PS and PE-PP plastic fractions into clean individual fractions. For this purpose, the different charges of the individual plastics are exploited for electrostatic separation.

The subsequent separation of rubber particles and other elastomers with hamos RSS series separators further increases the purity of the end products, so that, for example, ABS recyclates can be produced with up to 98.5 % purity, and PS and PP with up to 98 % purity each.

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