Metal separators for different applications

Allmetall separators reliably remove impurities

Electronic metal separators separate isolated metal contaminants fully automatically. The metal separators detect ferromagnetic metals (Fe metals) as well as all non-ferrous metals (NF metals) such as aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steels etc.

The all-metal separators convince by their reliability, easy assembly and operation, as well as their robust design. Metal separators from hamos are available in various designs - optimally adapted to your specific application.

Metal separators for free fall applications

If you want to separate metal contaminants from free-falling bulk materials such as plastic granulates, plastic regrinds, recycling materials, powders, etc., the hamos HS metal separator is the ideal solution. the hamos HS metal separator is the ideal device.

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Metal separators for pneumatic conveyors

Do you process bulk materials in pneumatic conveying systems? Then the hamos FFS metal separator is the right choice for you. Whether in continuously or cyclically operating vacuum or pressure conveying systems, the hamos FFS removes all metal contaminants without any drop in conveying pressure or interruption of the material flow.

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Metal separators for use on extruders or injection molding machines

For slow-moving columns of material, the hamos LCS all-metal separator is the optimum solution. It offers the last chance to detect and remove harmful metal particles before they disappear, for example, in the inlet of extruders and injection molding machines. The separator's housing is stable and highly durable, so that mixers, dryers or small conveying devices can be mounted on it.

More information about hamos LCS metal separators for extruders Our specialists will be pleased to help you find the right device for your application.

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