Window recycling plant separates rubber and glass fibers

PVC window profiles and production waste recycling

Leading window profile manufacturers are increasingly developing glass fiber-reinforced PVC profiles for plastic windows. These combine the load-bearing and stabilizing properties of steel with the excellent thermal insulation properties of plastic. However, the separation of production waste and profile sections by type presents manufacturers with major challenges.

Separation of glass fiber and rubber from PVC

With hamos EKS electrostatic separators or the hamos WRS turnkey window recycling plant, it is possible to separate both rubber and soft PVC seals and the glass fibers and to produce clean PVC regrind. Due to its high purity, the PVC regrind can easily be used for the production of new PVC window profiles.

Leading PVC profile manufacturers and window recyclers rely on electrostatic separation

The good quality of the PVC recyclate has already convinced numerous renowned window profile manufacturers and window recyclers to recycle their PVC profiles and production waste with hamos electrostatic separators. For example, hamos recently installed a hamos WRS plant for the recycling of PVC window profiles at a large, internationally active manufacturer. The window recycling plant ensures the simultaneous separation of glass fibers, rubber seals and soft PVC from the PVC regrind, so that the PVC recyclate produced can be reused in the core of new window profiles (for example by coextrusion).

Convince yourself also of electrostatic window recycling systems

You would like to produce PVC granulate in superior quality, which you can use again for new window profiles without any problems? We would be happy to show you our electrostatic separators in operation, test your original material in our technical center for its separability and work out technical details and an offer based on this.

More information about the hamos WRS PVC window recycling plant

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