Separation of black plastics - a challenge

Electrostatic separation is the solution

Recycled plastics can be used as a valuable raw material for new products if they are unmixed and free of foreign substances.

Physical differences (density, color, shape, etc.) are exploited to separate plastics. For some applications, there have been no suitable separation processes up to now. This is also the case for PS and ABS from the recycling of electronic scrap. These plastics have almost the same specific weight and consist of about 70 % black plastics - an unsolvable task for conventional sorting processes.

hamos has the solution that recyclers have been waiting for for a long time: such black plastics can be cleanly separated using electrostatic separation technology. The result is ABS and PS plastics with purities of 98.5 % and better.

Currently hamos is the only company worldwide supplying equipment for the electrostatic separation of black plastics.

More info: electrostatic separation of black plastics with the hamos KRS plastics recycling plant.

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