Separation of metal and plastic using the example of old cable recycling

Separation of metals from the plastic fraction

In old cable recycling, after mechanical disassembly and subsequent separation of the coarse metal parts, e.g. via settling tables or air hearths, the finely ground plastic insulation remains, which usually still contains between 3 % and 10 % copper dust and copper strand pieces. The processing of this plastic fraction is a typical application of hamos KWS electrostatic metal separators. This allows cable granules to be virtually completely demetallized. The valuable copper is recovered and at the same time a metal-free plastic fraction is produced. The hamos KWS operates dry, requires little energy and personnel, is virtually wear-free and thus has minimal operating costs. Thus, even with small residual metal contents, payback periods of a few months are common.

The hamos KWS electrostatic metal separator is also used in the recycling of electronic scrap, aluminum composites and other metal-plastic mixtures to separate the valuable non-ferrous metals and especially the precious metals.

More about metal partitioning with hamos KWS.

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