hamos plant produces clean ABS and PS from electronic scrap

Separate black plastics without problems

ABS-PS separation at Elektro Recycling, spol. s.r.o:

Elektro Recycling, the largest Slovakian electronics scrap recycler, has recently commissioned a large-scale plant for the processing of mixed plastics from electronic scrap. The heart of the plant is a hamos electrostatic separation line for plastics separation: After several pre-treatment steps such as shredding, foreign matter separation and floating-sink separation, a hamos KRS electrostatic plastics recycling system is used to produce high-quality ABS and PS recyclates.  

Recyclable plastics through electrostatic separation

An upstream float-sink unit separates all unwanted plastics, including the flame-retardant materials, and produces a mixture of ABS and PS as the good product fraction. The subsequent hamos KRS electrostatic separation system now separates the plastic mixture into pure ABS and PS.

Peter Matula, the operations manager of Elektro Recycling, comments:
"With our electrostatic separation plant, we now produce clean PS and ABS fractions, which we then compound. Our end users are enthusiastic about the high quality of our ABS and PS granules. Very important for us is that we can also separate the black plastics without any problems."

Bei Elektro Recycling wird das gemischte Mahlgut im Größenbereich < 10 mm durch einen 2-stufigen Prozess elektrostatisch separiert. In der ersten Stufe wird dabei sauberes ABS, in der zweiten Stufe sauberes PS erzeugt.  Dabei gelingt es sogar, auch unerwünschte PP-Beimengungen abzutrennen. Elektro Recycling verarbeitet mit der Kunststoffrecyclinganlage rund 3 Tonnen pro Stunde im Dreischichtbetrieb zu hochwertigen Re-Granulaten.

Separation of black plastics

Mixed plastics from electronic scrap consist of 60 - 80 % black plastics. For this reason, sorting processes such as near-infrared separation are only suitable to a limited extent for processing such mixtures. Only a small percentage of the good products can be separated, while the majority cannot be separated due to their black color.

The ideal processing method for electronic scrap plastics is therefore electrostatic separation, since electrostatic separators operate independently of the color, specific gravity and conformation of the particles.

Functionality of electrostatic separation

In the electrostatic separation of mixed plastics, a so-called tribo-electric process is used. In a special charging unit, the different plastics are selectively charged by intensive particle contact - one plastic takes on positive charges, the other plastic negative charges. The plastics can then be separated into the individual fractions using high-voltage electrodes.

Convince yourself of the electrostatic separation of plastics

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