hamos plant recovers residual copper from plastic fraction

Maximum metal yield in cable recycling

Fine metal recovery at MTB in France:

The company MTB from Trept in France is one of the largest cable recyclers in Europe. There, several large cable recycling plants operating in parallel process huge quantities of old cables into high-quality metal fractions. Until now, MTB, like most other cable recyclers, has not been able to produce clean metal fractions and metal-free plastic fractions at the same time. Together with the plastic, a small residue of fine wires, strand pieces and metal dusts is usually always lost. For this reason, MTB now uses a large electrostatic separation plant from hamos to separate the residual copper.

hamos KWS electrostatic metal separators increase metal yields

The total hourly quantity of plastic of around 4 tons is processed by three hamos KWS electrostatic metal separators. In this way, virtually all the metal still contained in the remaining plastic is recovered.

Jean-Philippe Fusier, MTB's general manager, comments:

"Since we have been using the Hamos electrostatic separation system, we have succeeded in increasing our metal yield to almost 100%. Practically no more copper is lost with the plastic. The hamos system installed at our plant has already paid for itself completely in a very short time. We have also purchased an additional hamos EKS electrostatic plastics separation plant. With this we can now also further improve the quality of the PVC fractions from the cable insulation."

More information about metal partitioning with hamos KWS

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