Closed material cycle for PVC window profiles

100 % Closed Loop with hamos plants

The faulty batches, profile sections, cutting residues, etc. resulting from the extrusion of window profiles or the production of windows can be easily recycled with hamos WRS window recycling systems.

Clean PVC from production waste and old windows

The plants produce clean PVC regrinds from "PVC window waste" with minimal separation costs. Electrostatic and optical sorting technology complement each other perfectly. Such a window recycling plant achieves the highest purities of the PVC recyclates in terms of rubber freedom and color.

However, not only clean production waste can be recycled in a particularly economical way with the help of the separation technologies supplied by hamos, but also old windows, plastic doors, roller shutter panels, etc.
The window recycling plant separates the foreign materials found in these PVC materials (especially rubber seals, metals, wood, etc.) so effectively that direct use of the PVC regrind in the core of new window profiles is possible at any time without any problems.  

PVC recyclate in new window profiles

New PVC window profiles with a high recycled content are usually produced using the co-extrusion process: The clean, unmixed PVC recyclate is used for the profile core, while the outer, visible cover layer of the window profile consists of new "virgin" PVC. Recyclate contents of 75% and more are possible.

Window profiles with recycled core thereby easily meet the high quality standards of plastic windows and do not differ in quality from profiles made from 100% virgin material. Recycling PVC window profiles and old windows thus saves resources and the environment. Clean PVC recyclates without any disturbing foreign materials can be used in many other applications as well. In addition to being used as the core material of PVC window profiles, PVC regrind can also be used for shutters, window sills, shutters and other accessories and ancillary profiles. Panels for cladding interior and exterior walls, gutters, water pipes and more are also made of such clean PVC recyclate.

Well-known PVC recyclers and profile manufacturers in Europe and overseas are already using hamos WRS window recycling plants with great success, thus enabling a 100% closed PVC cycle - from PVC waste to the new PVC window profile.

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