Electrostatic separators remove PET-G and PVC from PET flakes

Separate PET by type

PET bottles are increasingly being wrapped with labels made of PET-G shrink films. Although these are very decorative, they cause major problems when recycling the PET bottles, as the melting point of PET-G is almost 100 °C below the melting point of PET.

PET separator hamos EKS-PET

Here, hamos electrostatic separation offers the solution: The hamos EKS-PET PET separator is able to charge PET and PET-G differently selectively. The subsequent separation in the high-voltage field achieves a separation of the PET-G fraction from the PET flakes. In addition, any PVC impurities that may still be present are also separated at the same time in this separation step.

Numerous hamos PET recycling plants are in operation worldwide. For example, a leading PET recycler in North America also uses this technology successfully. By connecting several electrostatic separators in parallel, approx. 3 tons of PET flakes per hour are cleaned both from PVC and from the unwanted impurities caused by PET-G shrink labels.

We separate your original PET material as part of a separation test

Would you like to know whether electrostatic separation is the right technology for your application? We would be happy to show you our plastic separators in operation, test your original material in our technical center for its separability and, based on this, work out technical details and an offer for you.

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